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Disco Beats

Calling Dr. Beat, there’s a disco inferno giving all the Rewind roomies Saturday night fever! Play every Saturday at 8pm to win a £75 iTunes gift card. You can download all your favourite tracks and get your super freak on in funky town (or just at home)! Get your 1p cards from the Lobby today! [T&C’s Apply]

Rewind Bingo: Back to the Bingo

Back to the Bingo

Step into the time machine and go Back to the Bingo! There is plenty of cash to be won! Play every day and win £10 plus 1TG and 2TG prizes in these 75 ball bingo games. From 2pm till midnight you can play for only 1p and take big cash jackpots. Great Scott, this is heavy! [T&C’s Apply]

Rewind Bingo: Penny Games

Penny Games

Have perm-anent fun at Rewind Bingo! Play the penny games every day – cards are just 1p! You have three chances every day to win a share of £50. Perm-anently fun 1p bingo games play at 10am, 4pm and 9pm. How much will you win for just a penny today? [T&C’s Apply]

Rewind Bingo: Jammin' Jackpot

Jammin' Jackpot

We wanna jam this £5,000 jackpot game with you! We have five 75-ball games with a £1,000 prize pool in each, and we’ll be jammin’ every Friday from 7pm to 11pm ‘til the jam is through! Play for nothing if you’ve topped up in the last 6 days. [T&C’s Apply]

Rewind Bingo: 80’s Remix

80’s Remix

We’re mixing up the prizes and card prices! Join in the 80’s Remix every day, and get your chance to win surprise prizes! Cards can cost anything from zero to 5p, and you can win real cash, bonus cash & loyalty Points in 10 daily games! [T&C’s Apply]

*General T&C’s apply

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